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1769: Elizabeth Russell was christened in Whitesburg, Jefferson County, Tennessee.
1773: Jesse Sparks was born in Rowan County, North Carolina.
1783: John McDaniel married Margaret Russell in Orange County, North Carolina.
1805: William Gaston married Priscilla Buford in Union District, South Carolina.
1809: Mary Ann Henley was born in Stokes County, North Carolina.
1809: Reuben Mason Hill was born.
1811: Elizabeth Bean was born.
1815: Robert Bean was born in Polk Bayou, Batesville, Indepence County, Arkansas.
1816: Henry D. Maxcy was born in Lauderdale County, Alabama.
1816: Elizabeth Louisa Honnoll was born in Georgia.
1825: Martha Jane Ritter was born in Moore County, North Carolina.
1831: James Sydney Barrow was born in Kentucky.
1831: John William Yancy Allen was born in Monroe County, Mississippi.
1832: Francis Marion Casey was born in Roane County, Tennessee.
1834: William D. Casey was born in Roane County, Tennessee.
1837: Joseph William Stephenson was born in Texas.
1844: Samuel Jefferson Earnest was born in Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.
1849: Daniel John "D.J." Evans was born in Laleston, Glamorgan, Wales, United Kingdom.
1849: William Austin Burt patents "typographer" (typewriter).
1851: Treaty of Traverse des Sioux signed by Sioux Indians & US.
1853: Jerome Channing Horner was born in Oxford, Granville County, North Carolina.
1858: Mary Hill died.
1860: Sarah Jane Gilliland was born in Texas.
1863: Melissa Catherine Broadaway was born in Perry County, Tennessee.
1863: Hannah Rosana Bull died in Texas.
1864: Civil War: Battle of Woodstock, Virginia.
1864: Franklin Calhoun Baskin was born in Johnson County, Arkansas.
1871: Magdalene McDonald died.
1872: Alice Tolbert was born in Porter, Cass County, Michigan.
1875: Nina Olivia Canevaro was born in Refugio County, Texas.
1880: The first commercial hydroelectric power planet begins, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
1880: Jesse Carl Tolbert was born.
1883: Mary Virginia Langford was born in Madison County, Arkansas.
1885: Lillie May Boen was born in Oark, Johnson County, Arkansas.
1885: Felix Marvin Hardgrave died.
1888: John Boyd Dunlop, applies to patent pneumatic tire.
1889: Charles Sheridan Galloway married Osa B. Brotherton in Morgan County, Tennessee.
1893: Winnie Floy Loupee was born in Iowa.
1893: Candice Muse died in Moore County, North Carolina.
1895: Everett Gilliam was born in Indian Territory.
1896: Monroe Standridge married Lisa Fox in Newton County, Arkansas.
1899: William Columbus Gilliam married Minnie Catherine Smith.
1899: James Hance Laster died in Johnson County, Arkansas.
1900: Jesse Horner died in Moore County, North Carolina.
1901: Sarah Bessie Evyline Jackson died in Cleburne County, Arkansas.
1903: Guy Watson died in Calhoun County, Arkansas.
1903: Ford Motor Co sells 1st Model A car.
1905: Elisha L. Wilson married Annie Magnolia Winton in Montague County, Texas.
1907: Virgil O. Acord was born in Booneville, Logan County, Arkansas.
1909: Cecil Edward Hall was born in Wasola, Ozark County, Missouri.
1909: Carmen Inez Stewart was born in Carroll County, Georgia.
1911: James Thomas Easterling married Pearl Eva Reynolds in Madison County, Arkansas.
1914: Melvin S. Petenbrink was born in Southampton Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania.
1914: Austria-Hungary issues ultimatum to Serbia leading to WW I.
1916: Lloyd Hamilton Marress was born.
1918: Arley Monroe Horner was born in Stephens County, Oklahoma.
1920: James Albert Horner was born in Celeste, Hunt County, Texas.
1922: Lorena Geneva Acord was born in Arkansas.
1923: Francis D. Earnest died in Catalpa, Johnson County, Arkansas.
1925: Janice Marcella Gardner died.
1925: Maggie Evalene Ables died in Atoka, Atoka County, Oklahoma.
1936: John Samuel Horner died.
1937: Celia Elizabeth Crawford died in Erath County, Texas.
1938: Annie Horner died.
1941: Charles Monroe Elmore married Faye Huggins.
1943: WWII: US 45th Infantry division occupies north coast of Termini.
1948: Bernie Gene Rosenbalm was born.
1948: Bernie Gene Rosenbalm died.
1956: Vincent Martin Elmore died in Montgomery, Montgomery County, Alabama.
1965: Joseph Isom Gober died in Bovina, Parmer County, Texas.
1997: Bonnie Wilson died.
2000: Ethel Bernice Vicars died in Winona, Winona County, Minnesota.



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U.S. Civil War

3rd Regiment, Louisiana Cavalry (Wingfields), CSA

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  • Civil War Soldiers and Sailors
  • 3rd (Wingfield's) Cavalry Regiment was organized during the late summer of 1864. It was formed by adding four companies to the six companies of the 9th Louisiana Cavalry Battalion. This unit confronted the Federals in Louisiana and Mississippi, then in May, 1865, was included in the surrender of the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. Colonel James H. Wingfield commanded this regiment.

    Predecessor unit:

    9th Cavalry Battalion [also called 1st or 9th Battalion Partisan Rangers] was organized during the early summer of 1862 with six companies and in July totaled 852 officers and men. Many of its members were recruited in the Baton Rouge area. The unit served in the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, was active around Baton Rouge, and was captured at Port Hudson in July, 1863. After being exchanged, it was assigned to J. Griffith's and W. Adams' Brigade and participated in various operations in Mississippi. Later the battalion merged into Wingfield's 3rd Louisiana Cavalry Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel James H. Wingfield and Major James DeBaun were in command.

    Partial Roster

    • John P. Lee (1837-1900), son of C. C. Lee and Maranda Unknown; husband of Emily Drucilla Allen. Co. E, , Private-Hospital Steward.
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