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1687: Edward Bolling was born in Virginia Colony, England.
1710: John Hill was born.
1714: Johann Bathasar Hege was born in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.
1753: John Hardin was born in Fauquier County, Virginia.
1768: English troops under General Gauge lands in Boston.
1770: James Dunnegan was born in North Carolina.
1783: Greenham Dodson was born in Virginia.
1785: Elizabeth Hardin was born in Guilford County, North Carolina.
1785: William Veazey was born in Granville County, North Carolina.
1786: Mary Seawell Hill was born in Northampton County, North Carolina.
1796: Susannah Snider was born.
1800: Spain cedes Louisiana to France in a secret treaty.
1807: Royalty Hill was born in Claiborne County, Tennessee.
1814: John B. Horner married Sarah Sparks in Hickman County, Tennessee.
1823: Martin Peter Frey was born.
1823: Warren Crain was born.
1835: Martin Standridge was born in Carrollton, Carroll County, Arkansas.
1836: Joseph Newton Qualls was born in Tennessee.
1842: Catherine R. Craddock was born in Honey Grove, Fannin County, Texas.
1850: Margaret Elizabeth Busby was born in Ouchita County, Arkansas.
1851: Cavalier H. Horner died in Jefferson County, Tennessee.
1853: Thomas Skelton C. Gilliam was born in Arkansas.
1855: Nathan Gunn Formby died in Cherokee County, Alabama.
1856: Mary Elizabeth Kraus was born in Miflin, Juniata County, Pennsylvania.
1858: Christopher Cornelius Sadler was born.
1859: Lily Caroline Casey was born in of Centralia, Illinois.
1860: Levi Merit Stovall died in Rutherford County, Tennessee.
1862: William Allen Hill died.
1864: John Benjamin Allen died in Texas.
1865: Moses Allen died in Bell County, Texas.
1870: Amanda E. Phillips was born.
1870: Amanda Caroline Deggs was born in Texas.
1875: James Anderson Horner was born in Person County, North Carolina.
1875: Frank Lewis Jarnagin was born in Clarksville, Johnson County, Arkansas.
1877: Lovy Bean died in Johnson County, Arkansas.
1883: John William Cockman was born in Moore County, North Carolina.
1886: US mint at Carson City, Nevada closes.
1886: Eva Patterson was born.
1887: Christian "Christy" Eckart died in Harrison County, Indiana.
1888: Monty C. Gilliam was born in Arkansas.
1888: National Geographic magazine publishes for the first time.
1889: Marcus George Vinson was born in Millington, Shelby County, Tennessee.
1894: Laura Lillian Hardgrave was born.
1897: John Franklin Richardson was born in Alvord, Wise County, Texas.
1898: Johnny N. Cowan died in Johnson County, Arkansas.
1898: Dewey Shannon was born in Perry County, Tennessee.
1903: Vernon W. Dowland was born.
1905: Trell Haynie was born in Arkansas.
1905: Audrey L. Jones was born in North Carolina.
1906: Lois Mae Elmore was born.
1907: Eva Marie Duvall was born in Carroll County, Missouri.
1908: Henry Ford introduces Model T car (costs $825).
1911: Caleb Henry Warnick married Sue Ella Wooten in Pope County, Arkansas.
1914: Joseph W. Bridges died.
1915: Chester Henley was born.
1919: Nancy "Nannie" Allen died in San Francisco, San Francisco County, California.
1920: Erick Zion Acord was born in Webb City, Franklin County, Arkansas.
1924: Fokker F-7 first flight (Amsterdam to Batavia).
1926: Westley Brown Witherspoon died in Supply, Woodward County, Oklahoma.
1931: William Clark Wooten died in Scottsville, Pope County, Arkansas.
1934: Adolph Hitler expands German army & navy & creates an air force, violating Treaty of Versailles.
1934: Lottie Weaver was born.
1936: Gloria Grace Ketchum died.
1936: Gloria Grace Ketchum was born.
1937: Charles Robert Acord died.
1939:  Churchill calls Soviets "riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."
1942: Bell P-59 Airacomet fighter, the first US jet plane, makes maiden flight.
1943: Sarah Jane Allen died.
1943: WWII. Allied forces capture Naples.
1957: B-52 bombers begin full-time flying alert in case of USSR attack.
1958: Inauguration of NASA.
1969: Concorde 001 test flight breaks sound barrier.
1971: Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida opens.
1974: Watergate cover-up trial opens in Washington DC.
1976: Lillian May Horner died.
1978: Noel Blackard died.
1979: US returns Canal Zone to Panama after 75 years (but not the canal).
1980: Cosmonauts Ryumin & Popov break space endurance record of 176 days.
1982: EPCOT Center opens in Orlando Florida.
1986: Larry Joe Arnold died in Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho.
1986: Lillian Starkey died in Cumberland, Allegany County, Maryland.
1989: Thousands of East Germans flee to West Germany.
1990: President Bush at the UN, condemns Iraq's takeover of Kuwait.
1991: Mittie Mae Burnett died.
1992: Cartoon Cable Network premieres.
1999: Hazel May Southerland died.



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U.S. Civil War

3rd Regiment, Louisiana Cavalry (Wingfields), CSA

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  • Civil War Soldiers and Sailors
  • 3rd (Wingfield's) Cavalry Regiment was organized during the late summer of 1864. It was formed by adding four companies to the six companies of the 9th Louisiana Cavalry Battalion. This unit confronted the Federals in Louisiana and Mississippi, then in May, 1865, was included in the surrender of the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. Colonel James H. Wingfield commanded this regiment.

    Predecessor unit:

    9th Cavalry Battalion [also called 1st or 9th Battalion Partisan Rangers] was organized during the early summer of 1862 with six companies and in July totaled 852 officers and men. Many of its members were recruited in the Baton Rouge area. The unit served in the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, was active around Baton Rouge, and was captured at Port Hudson in July, 1863. After being exchanged, it was assigned to J. Griffith's and W. Adams' Brigade and participated in various operations in Mississippi. Later the battalion merged into Wingfield's 3rd Louisiana Cavalry Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel James H. Wingfield and Major James DeBaun were in command.

    Partial Roster

    • John P. Lee (1837-1900), son of C. C. Lee and Maranda Unknown; husband of Emily Drucilla Allen. Co. E, , Private-Hospital Steward.
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