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1752: Last Julian calender day in US & England (no Sept 3-Sept 13th).
1762: Caleb Witt was born in Halifax County, Virginia.
1784: Caleb Witt married Miriam Horner in Washington County, Tennessee.
1789: US Treasury Department established by Congress.
1803: John B. Horner was born in Hawkins County, Tennessee.
1819: James Carrol McDaniel was born in Orange County, North Carolina.
1820: Calvin H. Myracle was born in Perry County, Tennessee.
1843: Harriett Louisa Douglas was born in Tennessee.
1853: Rebecca Catherine Magee was born in Harrison County, Missouri.
1853: Mary J. Roberts was born in Orange County, North Carolina.
1858: Hartford Phelps was born in Butler County, Kentucky.
1859: Valentine Martin died in Lawrence County, Tennessee.
1860: Robert Watson Winston was born in Windsor, Bertie County, North Carolina.
1864: Civil War: Union General William T. Sherman captures Atlanta.
1866: Rhoda Branum died in Dunklin County, Missouri.
1868: Dorthula Hardgrave was born in Johnson County, Arkansas.
1875: Marshall Benjamin Varner was born.
1876: Dee Buchanan Coffee died in Johnson County, Arkansas.
1876: Roscoe Simmons Cate was born in Tennessee.
1878: James Burrell Stout was born in Texas.
1878: Martha Sexton was born in Jackson County, Kentucky.
1878: Margaret Preston died in Roddy, Rhea County, Tennessee.
1882: Luna Pearl Bone was born.
1883: George Monroe Cowan was born in Oark, Johnson County, Arkansas.
1885: Jacob Stroup Eckart died in Harrison County, Indiana.
1888: William Thomas Acord married Della M. I. Abbott in Parker County, Texas.
1888: Dessie Dental Coffee was born in Johnson County, Arkansas.
1890: Daisy Parris was born in South Carolina.
1894: Arthur Merrill Gober died in Grove Hill, Fannin County, Texas.
1895: John Berry Dotson died in Madison County, Arkansas.
1899: Martha Meniva "Iva" Reynolds was born in Loy, Madison County, Arkansas.
1901: VP Theodore Roosevelt advises, "Speak softly & carry a big stick".
1908: Jesse Gilbert Horner was born in Cumberland County, North Carolina.
1914: Eunice Alice Russell was born in Johnson County, Arkansas.
1918: Frances Elmore died.
1926: Mozelle Johnson was born in Clarksville, Johnson County, Arkansas.
1930: The first non-stop airplane flight from Europe to US (37 hrs).
1930: Gorman B. King died.
1934: Charles Haskell Acord was born in Lander, Fremont, Wyoming.
1940: Great Smoky Mountains National Park dedicated,
1944: WWII: Future President George Bush ejects from a burning plane.
1944: Eli Terry Cockman died.
1945: WWII: V-J Day; formal surrender of Japan aboard USS Missouri.
1948: John David McComb died in Jacksboro, Jack County, Texas.
1948: Hugh N. Allen died in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.
1952: Dr Floyd J Lewis first uses deep freeze technique in heart surgery.
1955: Homer Alvin McKnight married Irene Lowe in of Ft. Worth, Tarrant, Texas.
1961: Irvin Murray died.
1962: William Asa Clarkson died in Collin County, Texas.
1962: George Renshaw Bean died in Lubbock, Lubbock County, Texas.
1963: Alabama Governor George C. Wallace prevents integration of Tuskegee High School.
1968: Nellie Emily Kraus died in Oklahoma.
1968: Arminda Louvinne Smith died.
1974: President Gerald Ford signs Employee Retirement Income Security Act.
1975: Cradie Isabell Haley died.
1976: Louis McKinney Mackey died in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.
1978: John McClain performs 180 outside loops in an airplane over Houston.
1979: O'Neal Sylvester Chiddix died in Butte, Silver Bow County, Montana.
1983: Rosa "Rosie" Acord died in Clarksville, Johnson County, Arkansas.
1983: Myrtle Addie Inman died in Linden, Perry County, Tennessee.
1987: Philips introduces CD-video.
1991: Henry Rueben Stumbaugh died.
1993: Anna Dickerson died in Fort Smith, Sebastian County, Arkansas.
1993: Ernest Cecil Estep died in Dublin, Erath County, Texas.
2001: Juanita Geisler died in Turner Memorial Hospital, Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas.



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U.S. Civil War

3rd Regiment, Louisiana Cavalry (Wingfields), CSA

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  • Civil War Soldiers and Sailors
  • 3rd (Wingfield's) Cavalry Regiment was organized during the late summer of 1864. It was formed by adding four companies to the six companies of the 9th Louisiana Cavalry Battalion. This unit confronted the Federals in Louisiana and Mississippi, then in May, 1865, was included in the surrender of the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. Colonel James H. Wingfield commanded this regiment.

    Predecessor unit:

    9th Cavalry Battalion [also called 1st or 9th Battalion Partisan Rangers] was organized during the early summer of 1862 with six companies and in July totaled 852 officers and men. Many of its members were recruited in the Baton Rouge area. The unit served in the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, was active around Baton Rouge, and was captured at Port Hudson in July, 1863. After being exchanged, it was assigned to J. Griffith's and W. Adams' Brigade and participated in various operations in Mississippi. Later the battalion merged into Wingfield's 3rd Louisiana Cavalry Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel James H. Wingfield and Major James DeBaun were in command.

    Partial Roster

    • John P. Lee (1837-1900), son of C. C. Lee and Maranda Unknown; husband of Emily Drucilla Allen. Co. E, , Private-Hospital Steward.
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