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1621: Governor Bradford of US colony Plymouth disallows sport on Christmas Day.
1665: Jean Du Sauchoy was christened in Fordham, Suffolk County, New York.
1739: Henry Briggs died in Albemarle Parish, Surry County, Virginia.
1758: Lydia Horner was born in Orange County, North Carolina.
1764: Archelaus Elmore died in Prince Edward County, Virginia Colony, United Kingdom.
1784: Ann Buckelew was born in North Carolina.
1797: Nancy Hill was born in Grainger County, Tennessee.
1798: Bolling Hall married Jane Ambercrombie in Hancock County, Georgia.
1812: US frigate United States captures British vessel Macedonian.
1815: Burrell * Rushing was born in Tennessee.
1822: Mary Malinda Patterson was born in Perry County, Tennessee.
1828: William Sydnor Rushing was born in Kentucky.
1838: David Stumbaugh married Anna Bennett in Highland County, Ohio.
1840: Andrew Jackson Sisco married Mary Malinda Dyer.
1841: Caroline Elizabeth Bowen was born.
1847: James Robert Horner was born in Perry County, Tennessee.
1848: Fletcher Rollins was born in Louisiana.
1848: Dixon Hall Lewis died in New York City, New York County, New York.
1849: Manford Ritchie was born in Breathitt, Stevenson County, Kentucky.
1851: William G. Roddy married Amanda J. Stockton.
1853: Hannah Scott died in Craig County, Virginia.
1855: James Gay Lynch was born in Monroe County, Arkansas.
1858: Margaret Denton died in Decatur County, Tennessee.
1858: Margaret Evans died in Greene County, Missouri.
1861: Civil War. Battle of Wilson's Creek, Michigan (Springfield).
1864: Civil War. Battle of Marais Des Cygnes River, Kansas (Mine Creek).
1864: Civil War. Skirmish at Mine Creek, Kansas and Turkeytown, Alabama.
1865: John A. Horner was born in Moore County, North Carolina.
1869: Charles Frankin Staggs died.
1870: Franklin "Frank" Rushing was born in Arkansas.
1872: Francis Adah Quesenbury died in Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas.
1873: Cornelius C. "Neal" Acord died in Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas.
1877: Reuben Alfred King married Elizabeth Georgiana Martin in Johnson County, Arkansas.
1881: Lawrence Davis Hardgrave died in Arkansas.
1881: Susie Gaston was born in Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi.
1881: Ellen Gaston died in Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi.
1881: Harrison Adolhe Tipps died in Denton County, Texas.
1881: Ellen Gaston was born in Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi.
1881: Susie Gaston died in Jackson Cemetery, Autauga County, Alabama.
1888: Thomas R. Lewis married Dalena E. Boen in Johnson County, Arkansas.
1893: Willie J. Horner was born.
1894: Dorothy E. Cowan was born in Arkansas.
1895: Mildred Morgan was born in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa.
1895: John Lorenzo Dow Horner married Polly Eulah Jackson in Texanna, McIntosh County, Oklahoma.
1895: Alice E. Lomax was born.
1896: Zear Olden Fry married Elizabeth Alice "Lizzie" Overman in Cache, Johnson County, Illinois.
1901: Mollie Yates was born in Oark, Johnson County, Arkansas.
1902: Clarion Paul Acord was born in of Hunt County, Texas.
1902: William Dergan Deggs married Ina Eugenia Jones in Polk County, Texas.
1907: Nathaniel Turner "Tim" Acord died in Hartshorne, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma.
1907: Michael Marion Bean died in Johnson County, Arkansas.
1907: Luther Bennie Gilliam married Lena Belle Bryan in Mangum, Greer County, Oklahoma.
1909: Oscar Edward Basham was born in Clarksville, Johnson County, Arkansas.
1910: Seth Bradshaw Elmore died in Edmonson County, Kentucky.
1912: John William Craft died.
1913: LeRoy Hardgrave married Lula Grace Redman.
1917: Hamilton Pierce Stumbaugh died.
1918: Benton Luther Edwards died.
1919: William Leory Horner was born in Doyle, Stephens County, Oklahoma.
1920: Lawrence Hudgins "Larry" Blackard died in Johnson County, Arkansas.
1921: Phoebe Frances Taylor died in Princeton, Mercer County, West Virginia.
1922: Emma Jane Horner died in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee.
1927: John N. Cowan died.
1928: Louisiana Arkansas Echols died in Texarkana, Bowie County, Texas.
1930: Lillian Bates died.
1932: Charles Dickerson was born.
1937: Milton B. Bell died.
1939: Nylon stockings go on sale in US for the first time.
1939: Jefferson Davis Lomax died in Dunklin County, Missouri.
1944: WWII. Battle in Straits of Surigao: Japanese fleet destroyed.
1959: Donnie Lee Seals was born in Nashville, Howard County, Arkansas.
1960: Cuba nationalizes all remaining US businesses.
1960: The first electronic wrist watch placed on sale, New York City.
1965: Bentley Horner died in Colton, San Bernardino County, California.
1965: Varnell Askins died.
1968: Chicago recognizes Jean Baptiste Pointe de Sable as its first settler.
1974: US Air Force fires the first intercontinental ballastic missile (ICBM).
1975: Evia Louella Newman died in Salem, Marion County, Oregon.
1983: US invades Grenada, a country 1/2,000 its population.
1984: Hepatitis virus is discovered.
1988: Cortis Watts Tolbert died.
1994: Omar Bryan Horner died in Brown County, Texas.
1998: John Woodrow Rogers died.
1998: Eva Herriman died.
1998: Mable Rogers died.
1998: Lucy Rogers died.
1998: Edna Rogers died.



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U.S. Civil War

3rd Regiment, Louisiana Cavalry (Wingfields), CSA

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  • Civil War Soldiers and Sailors
  • 3rd (Wingfield's) Cavalry Regiment was organized during the late summer of 1864. It was formed by adding four companies to the six companies of the 9th Louisiana Cavalry Battalion. This unit confronted the Federals in Louisiana and Mississippi, then in May, 1865, was included in the surrender of the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. Colonel James H. Wingfield commanded this regiment.

    Predecessor unit:

    9th Cavalry Battalion [also called 1st or 9th Battalion Partisan Rangers] was organized during the early summer of 1862 with six companies and in July totaled 852 officers and men. Many of its members were recruited in the Baton Rouge area. The unit served in the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, was active around Baton Rouge, and was captured at Port Hudson in July, 1863. After being exchanged, it was assigned to J. Griffith's and W. Adams' Brigade and participated in various operations in Mississippi. Later the battalion merged into Wingfield's 3rd Louisiana Cavalry Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel James H. Wingfield and Major James DeBaun were in command.

    Partial Roster

    • John P. Lee (1837-1900), son of C. C. Lee and Maranda Unknown; husband of Emily Drucilla Allen. Co. E, , Private-Hospital Steward.
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