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1559: Five Spanish ships sinks in storm off Tampa, about 600 die.
1764: Henry Hardin was born in Hampshire County, Virginia.
1767: Thomas Mitchell was born.
1769: Nancy Wyatt Collier was born in Virginia.
1771: John Owen died in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.
1777: Battle of Freeman's Farm (Bemis Heights) or 1st Battle of Saratoga.
1827: Eliza Jane Laster was born in Wilson County, Tennessee.
1842: Solomon Vicars was born in Russell County, Virginia.
1849: The first commercial laundry established, in Oakland, California.
1855: Robert Smith Kendall was born in Carroll County, Arkansas.
1855: Emeline Hill was born in Flowery, Franklin County, Arkansas.
1857: James Dixon Hall was born.
1860: James H. Horner was born in Perry County, Tennessee.
1862: Civil War. Battle at Iuka Mississippi (1,700 casualties).
1862: -20] Civil War. Battle at Blackford's Ford Virginia.
1863: Civil War. Battle of Chickamauga GA (near Chattanooga) begins; Union retreat.
1864: Charles Leroy Gaston married Jane Dudley in Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi.
1867: Charles Vicars was born.
1867: Franklin Henry Getson was born in Allegany County, Maryland.
1869: Celia Frances Gilliam was born in Arkansas.
1873: Martha Ann Horner was born in Yellville, Marion County, Arkansas.
1875: Lydia Ann Ramsey was born in Bollinger County, Missouri.
1876: Melville Bissell of Grand Rapids, Michigan patents the first carpet sweeper.
1876: John H. Hill died in Yale, Johnson County, Arkansas.
1886: Lizzie Pearl Buckner was born.
1889: Flander Draper Morris married Martha Bell Mabrey Nalley.
1891: Bonnie Waldo Elmore was born in New Castle, Craig County, Virginia.
1893: Emma D. Bates was born.
1893: Susan Isabell Stewart died in Charleston, Franklin County, Arkansas.
1901: Doyle Wooten was born.
1901: Clyde Cecil Herring was born in Clarksville, Johnson County, Arkansas.
1901: Della Loreen Hill was born in Rocky, Washita County, Oklahoma.
1903: Dixon Mandell Deggs died in Polk County, Texas.
1905: Ruby Lois Hardgrave was born in Oklahoma.
1906: Nona Acord was born in Hartman, Johnson County, Arkansas.
1908: Laura Mae Shirley was born in Wheeler County, Texas.
1909: Edna Gracy Davis was born in Newton County, Arkansas.
1919: Walter Monroe Acord married Elsie Snook Milner in Medford, Grant County, Oklahoma.
1920: William Albert Horner married Nora Jane Parr in Celeste, Hunt County, Texas.
1926: Melissa Emaline Dotson died in Wharton's Creek Township, Madison County, Arkansas.
1928: Mickey Mouse's screen debut (Steamboat Willie at Colony Theater New York City).
1930: Robert H. Daniel was born.
1938: Martha Cline died.
1943: WWII. Liberator bombers sinks U-341.
1948: Walter Harrison Kraus died in Pope County, Arkansas.
1950: Thomas Jefferson Stokes died in Athens, Howard County, Arkansas.
1957: The first underground nuclear explosion at Las Vegas Nevada.
1964: Charlotte A. Muir died in Lanocoming, Allegany County, Maryland.
1978: Julia Elizabeth Horner died in Cumberland County, North Carolina.
1980: Titan II missile explosion (Damascus, Arkansas),
1989: Jess Harrison Clark died in Gridley, Butte, California, USA.
1991: Lynn B. Armstrong died.
1996: Mary Alice Patterson died in Tennessee.



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U.S. Civil War

3rd Regiment, Louisiana Cavalry (Wingfields), CSA

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  • Civil War Soldiers and Sailors
  • 3rd (Wingfield's) Cavalry Regiment was organized during the late summer of 1864. It was formed by adding four companies to the six companies of the 9th Louisiana Cavalry Battalion. This unit confronted the Federals in Louisiana and Mississippi, then in May, 1865, was included in the surrender of the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. Colonel James H. Wingfield commanded this regiment.

    Predecessor unit:

    9th Cavalry Battalion [also called 1st or 9th Battalion Partisan Rangers] was organized during the early summer of 1862 with six companies and in July totaled 852 officers and men. Many of its members were recruited in the Baton Rouge area. The unit served in the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, was active around Baton Rouge, and was captured at Port Hudson in July, 1863. After being exchanged, it was assigned to J. Griffith's and W. Adams' Brigade and participated in various operations in Mississippi. Later the battalion merged into Wingfield's 3rd Louisiana Cavalry Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel James H. Wingfield and Major James DeBaun were in command.

    Partial Roster

    • John P. Lee (1837-1900), son of C. C. Lee and Maranda Unknown; husband of Emily Drucilla Allen. Co. E, , Private-Hospital Steward.
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